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Our vision is to create outstanding and easy to implement web based Internet solutions which increase productivity.

FRJ Enterprises philosophy
is based on the assumption that the web is a great tool for Enterprises aiming at:

Increasing their productivity.
Lowering their costs.
Enhancing relationship with customers, employees, shareholders and other specific target groups

In the past years we have learned a lot, and these "lessons" which to some extent, are basically the essence of our philosophy can be summarized as follows:

"A web site is actually launched when the web developer finishes his job with it and it goes on air"
"An Organization should focus more on the use than the making of web site"
"If the content is money, content management is the actual profit"
"The more people get involved in a project, the longer it takes to achieve it"
"Greater programming results are obtained by small groups"
"Successful web navigation does not force the user to think"

"…We live in turbulent times. The world is changing. The Internet is here. What is taken for granted today is under revision tomorrow. Change is now part of our daily Internet life. The oddest thing about this new constant change is that it changes each time in a different way. We are living in the Internet times where even change is changing. In such a disorderly world a productive, reliable and far-seeing Internet partner is needed. And that is what FRJ Enterprises is all about..."  


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