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Don't worry, I'll look it up in the Internet & I'll find what you want!

This user wants specific information and he wants it now. He’ll use the Internet and to be more precise, a search engine! This is why gaining visibility in the result listings of the search engines (always according to definite searches related to your business) is essential.

Our team can do Search Engine Optimization for your web site, which means executing specific optimization actions aimed at improving it’s ranking in search engine listings. Also, the Web Promotion actions that can be implemented by us are concerned with pay-per-click advertisements and other site publicity operations.

To be more accurate, we will:

Asses the current situation of your website’s ranking.
Identify the ideal keywords for better positioning and ranking.
Analyze the competition’s SEO movements and their impact.
Examine your website’s html code for any possible structure that may be blocking the search engines.
Propose an integrated web promotion strategy (sector directory submission, paid inclusions in search engines, and pay-per-click advertising)
Identify a specific and goal-oriented link exchange strategy in order to optimize ranking but also attract certain target groups from quality websites of interest.

Not only will you gain visibility in search engines but you will target specialized user groups and project specific information related to precise inquiries. Not bad at all!


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2) Search Engine Optimization
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