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Networking Services


The following are the list of services provided.

  • Firewall Protection
  • Distributed Denial of Service Protection
  • FTP Server with Multiple User Support.
  • Control Panel for Email
  • Web based Email with Anti-Virus Protection
  • Mailing List Server access
  • Dual Gateway Level Anti-virus Protection
  • Server Anti-virus Protection
  • Intrusion Detection System (host & network) Monitoring
  • Worm Protection
  • Dual SPAM Protection
  • Dual In-line Firewall Protection with 100% fail-over mechanism protection (High-Availability)
  • Layer 2/3 Switch filtering
  • Layer 4-7 Switch filtering
  • Mal URI Filtering
  • ASP.NET / PHP / PERL / MySQL / Java
  • Access to MS SQL 2000 Cluster. Available Space on MS SQL Server 4 GB.
  • 24/7 Unlimited FTP Access
  • No banner Ads
  • Live Web Statistics
  • Live Ethernet NIC Traffic Statistics
  • Completely Patch Management Software for Updating OSes on our Server farm
  • Full DNS Services
  • Dedicated 4 IP Addresses
  • SSL Ready
  • Daily/Weekly Backups
  • High Traffic DNS
  • Multiple Redundant T3 (45 Mps) & GigE (1000 Mbps) Connectivity.
  • 100.00% Network Up-time Guarantee
  • 99.9% Server Up-time Guarantee
  • Email backup independent of the network Cluster.
  • One (1) On-site back-up mail server
  • Three (3) Off-site located mail servers.
  • Local & Ticket Based Technical Support
  • Access to fully functional Shared Oracle 9i database
  • Secure Database connections using Kerberos authentication technique, Oracle connection manager and Oracle shared servers.
  • Accessibility provided through Oracle client, ODBC, JDBC and Browser Based Control Panel
  • Generous Bandwidth
  • Optional Control Panel through Plesk
  • Optional Secure Email transport using RSA SecurID Tokens
  • All our servers are SCSI Hard disk in RAID 5 Configurations. We do not use IDE/EIDE drives (for Premium Data Centers)
  • All our servers come with dual NIC cards (for Premium Data Centers)
  • All our server come with hot-pluggable hot-swappable power supplies (for Premium Data Centers)
  • All the hard disks on our servers are hot-pluggable hot-swappable, 10,000 RPM devices (for Premium Data Centers)

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