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what E-Commerce is all about, think about it...Want to buy a CD for your spouse? Send a greeting card and chocolates? A car perhaps? Buy a concert ticket or better yet, an airline ticket to London, reserve a hotel room, or do business with your suppliers?

Then go online. Its that simple! Its all about doing business online - the E-commerce way.

E-Commerce is about setting your business on the Internet, allowing visitors to access your website, and go through a virtual catalog of your products / services online. When a visitor wants to buy something he/she likes, they merely, "add" it to their virtual shopping basket. Items in the virtual shopping basket can be added or deleted, and when you're all set to head to the virtual checkout counter, which has your complete total, and will ask you for your name, address etc. and method of payment (usually via credit card). Once you have entered all this information (which by the way is being transmitted securely) you can then just wait for delivery.

E-Commerce is not about just online stores, its about anything and everything to do with money. If you pay (via cash, check, credit card, etc.) E-Commerce is about to make an introduction into your life soon. Banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo are now giving their clients accessibility to their bank accounts via the web. Soon enough, banks in Pakistan would be following suit. Days are not far away (yes in Pakistan!) when you would be able to order and reserve your request for a movie at the local video store (all online) be able to browse through various titles, etc. and if you are feeling hungry, access the local restaurant and order dinner.

In short, by implementing E-Commerce, you save money, are online 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, no traffic jams, shopping crowds, carrying overloaded heavy shopping bags etc. Just more business, the easy way.


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