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Hello, I want a website!

But let’s hold it for just one second! We know you want an effective e-business strategy, one that will optimize your operations, reduce costs and enhance relationships. But sometimes the hardest part can be identifying this strategy! Our job here is to provide expert guidance so we can then gather the initial requirements together and specify the web-based procedures that will best work for you. Something like a personal trainer that will recognize your specific needs in order for you to become stronger, fitter and achieve more. And we have sworn a Hippocratic Oath never to give vitamin boosters that are not needed.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t in your specific business!

We can start by assessing your existing web presence and/or e-strategy regarding usability, look & feel and target group relevance. We will also make a commercial and technical review. Oh, and we wont forget about the competitors. Competition is always thoroughly scanned from all possible angles. And then competition is often surpassed!

Web Tactics

It’s all about choosing the most suitable tactics in order to create the right positioning and boost brand or corporate image, entice visitors to keep coming back and…convert browsers to buyers! We will also empower you to take total, productive and effective control of the marketing and communicational tool that we will deliver – your new website, intranet or custom built application.


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